Aglaonema 'Spitfire'

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Aglaonemas set themselves apart from other indoor plants with the huge spectrum of colours and patterns available across the different varieties. If you are looking for an easy-care plant for those poorly lit, air-conditioned spaces around the home or office, or to add a lush tropic feel to warm sheltered gardens, then these are a great affordable option.

The ‘Spitfire’ variety has almost completely pink leaves with a slight green border and some green patches. It is easy to see why this is a favourite for fans of pink plants. 


This plant loves a warm position but can withstand poorly-lit and draft-prone areas that a lot of other plants cannot. Keep moist but do not overwater, especially in winter. Feed with a slow release during periods of growth.


All pictures are of plants currently for sale or previously sold at The Tropic Gardener. The plant photographed should be used as an indication of size and quality only, and may not be the exact plant you receive. Form and colour will vary slightly.

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