Caladium 'Red Speckle Dwarf'

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Caladium Red Speckle Dwarf, is a part of our new and exciting Hidden Gems range. This compact, strap-leaf Caladium produces stunning bright red foliage, accentuated by a deep green border. As the plant matures, small white flecks will develop amongst the red background, giving it a speckled appearance. 


Prefers a warm position, sheltered from harsh weather. Most caladiums will thrive in a brightly lit position outdoors, and some varieties prefer full sun. All our caladiums here at The Tropic Gardener are grown under 50% shade cloth. Use a well-draining potting soil, and water only when the top 3-5cm of soil feels dry. Fertilise throughout spring to encourage healthy foliage and rigorous root growth.


Caladiums lose their foliage and go dormant over the cooler months of the year. Please be aware that your lovely Caladium is not dead! Whilst it may look like an empty pot of soil, the corm is still alive. Place the pot in a dry position, out of direct sun, and water very sparingly over the cooler months. When the weather starts to warm up, increase your watering schedule and re-position to a brightly-lit area, and you will soon be enjoying your beautiful Caladium again as new leaves start to emerge.

All pictures are of plants currently for sale or previously sold at The Tropic Gardener. The plant photographed should be used as an indication of size and quality only and may not be the exact plant you receive. Form and colour will vary slightly.

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