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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Philodendron White Princess - #6

Philodendron White Princess - #6

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If you are a fan of white variegation, the White Princess is a must have! This stunning green philodendron has contrasting patches of vibrant white (and in some cases, pink) variegation.

This beautiful specimen has just started to develop some variegation. 1 growth point.

This quick grower loves to climb, so attach it a textured pole and you will be rewarded with larger leaves. Easy care, making it a great starting point for new collectors of rare and wonderful plants.


Prefers a warm spot with bright indirect light indoors or outdoors sheltered. Keep soil moist but not wet. Fertilise throughout spring and summer.

All pictures are of plants currently for sale or previously sold at The Tropic Gardener. The plant photographed should be used as an indication of size and quality only, and may not be the exact plant you receive. Form and colour will vary slightly.

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