Collection: Alocasia & Colocasia

Alo! We’ve got some stunning alocasias for sale here at the Tropic Gardener nursery in Brisbane. Our range has something for all budgets and tastes, from the magnificent colouration of the variegated Alocasia Frydek, right through to the elegant and affordable ‘Green Velvet’, Alocasia scalprum, and Alocasia venusta.

Alocasias are one of the trickier varieties to grow, and rare plant collectors love the challenge! These tropical plants like a semi-shaded or filtered light spot. They will burn in full sun, although they can tolerate a little morning or afternoon sun. Alocasias don’t like the cold and abrupt changes in weather, so when it’s winter here in Brisbane we try to keep them in a warm environment. Because they are a hot-climate plant, Alocasias often drop a couple of leaves and slow their growth in winter, but revive in summer. This isn’t something to be scared of; they will reshoot come spring.

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  • Alocasia odora 'Batik'