Return and Refund Policy


“Customer” means the person/s buying the Goods as specified in any invoice, document or order, and if there is more than one Customer is a reference to each Customer jointly and severally.

“The Tropic Gardener, us or we” means the company The Tropic Gardnere PTY LTD (ABN 58 633 661 417).

“Goods” means all goods or services supplied by The Tropic Gardener to the Customer at the Customer’s request.

“Delivery” means the transportation of the Goods from The Tropic Gardener to the Customer.

Defects and Returns

The Customer must inspect the Goods on Delivery and notify The Tropic Gardener within 24 hours of acceptance of Goods in writing of any evident defect/damage, shortage, or failure to comply with the description or quote.

If the Customer fails to advise the Company in writing of any damages within 24 hours of Delivery, the customer is deemed to have accepted the Goods are not faulty and accord to the Customer’s order.

The Tropic Gardener does not offer an ongoing warranty once the goods are recived. This is due to the nature of the goods and the exposure to the elements, other plants, soil and water.

We do not offer refunds or replacements for sale or end of line items unless the item is faulty.  If the item is faulty, we will follow our normal refund or replacement procedures. 

We do not offer warranties, refunds, replacements or exchanges on gifts with purchase items or promotional products.

Customers are accountable for providing accurate information at the time of purchase. We send order confirmation emails following purchases as well as shipment confirmation emails, which include your delivery address for confirmation. We will try our best to correct your mailing address before shipping if you notify us as soon as you find a mistake in it via email -

We are unable to modify delivery addresses once your item has shipped; you must contact Australia Post to reroute the package. Australia Post will return the package to us after making an attempt at delivery if the address is incomplete or wrong, and a subsequent postal cost will be charged.

The Tropic Gardener does not accept returns, exchanges or provide refunds because the Customer changed their mind.

Full refunds including shipping costs will be available in the instance of a major fault/defect as per Australian Consumer Law.