Collection: Anthurium

Be still, our beating hearts! We’re very proud of our rare anthuriums for sale here at our Brisbane rare plant nursery. Who can resist the elegant droop of the Anthurium vittarifolium, or the heart-shaped, almost corrugated splendour of the Anthurium veitchii? We sure can’t!

A huge favourite with collectors for their striking foliage, a lot of anthuriums are surprisingly hardy and easy to grow. Most anthuriums can be grown very happily in a Brisbane garden, although a hothouse is even better if you have one.

Some anthurium varieties like the Grandifolium get very large leaves, while smaller varieties like anthurium ravenii have elegant, pendulous leaves. Most of the varieties prized by collectors are the ones with really interesting foliage rather than flowers — in fact, anthurium leaves are often used in floral decorations due to their visual interest!  However, there are other varieties of anthuriums, Anthurium andraeanum, which are known for their stunning flowers.

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  • Anthurium crystallinum hybrid
  • Anthurium panamense
  • Anthurium scherzerianum var Rothschildianum - Mottled