Collection: Uncommon Plants

These lovely plants are a bit harder to come by, and will add an element of intrigue to any collection, without the associated price tag of a rare plant. From gorgeous cascading Tassel Ferns, to beautifully variegated syngoniums, we have a wide range of uncommon plants to suit any home.

We can then ship them to you (QLD, NSW, ACT, VIC, SA).

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  • Asplenium nidus 'Crissie' variegated
  • Cercestis mirabilis
    Showing Cercestis mirabilis plant. This strange arrowhead vine has silver marked leaves that fade as the plant matures.
  • Huperzia carinatum 'Philippine Tassel'
  • Huperzia carinatum 'QLD Coen Tassel'
  • Huperzia filiformis 'Indonesian Blue Rat Tail Tassel'
  • Huperzia goebelii 'Malaysian Blue Tassel'
  • Huperzia nummularifolia 'New Guinea Flat Tassel'
  • Huperzia phlegmaria 'Fiji Black Stem Tassel'