• Load image into Gallery viewer, Phlegmariurus Mirabillis 'Buthan Buthan Tassel'
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Phlegmariurus Mirabillis 'Buthan Buthan Tassel'
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Phlegmariurus Mirabillis 'Buthan Buthan Tassel'
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Phlegmariurus Mirabillis 'Buthan Buthan Tassel'

Phlegmariurus Mirabillis 'Buthan Buthan Tassel'

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Phlegmariurus spp., commonly referred to as 'Tassel Ferns' are a lithophytic genus of plants in the family Lycopodiacea. With beautiful, cascading foliage, and a variety of textures and shades, Tassel Ferns are a stunning addition to any hanging space. 

Tassel ferns require a shaded position outdoors that is sheltered from harsh weather conditions. Being epiphytes/lithophytes, Tassel Ferns require a very course potting mix generally consisting of medium-course grade bark, perlite, and/or coir chips. Water regularly, allowing the water to flow freely from the bottom of the pot (do not let sit in water). Fertilise with a half strength, general purpose fertiliser in spring to encourage rigorous growth. Tassel ferns are very sensitive to having their roots disturbed, so avoid repotting until it has well and truly outgrown its current pot.

All pictures are of plants currently for sale or previously sold at The Tropic Gardener. The plant photographed should be used as an indication of size and quality only and may not be the exact plant you receive. Form and colour will vary slightly.

All Tassel ferns are posted in their pots to avoid any undue stress on the plants.

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How Our Shipping Works 

We use Australia Post Express Post. Always. 

We ship at 9am on Monday mornings to reduce the chance of plants sitting in Aus Post warehouses over weekends. (Our plants will generally survive up to 2 weeks in boxes, but we like to reduce any risk at all). 

Check out our blog about how we prepare your plants for online delivery 

Shipping Costs and Sizing

Strap yourself in, this is a little complicated! 

Our shipping rates are based on weight. This is why we’ll never cramp a plant with big leaves into a small box, because it’s weight, not size that Australia Post charges for. 

We have four different box sizes.

  • Small Order =  $15 shipping
  • Medium Order = $20 shipping
  • Large Order = $25 shipping
  • Extra Large = $30 shipping (up to 800g)

An order with multiple plants over the 800g limit will be packaged in multiple boxes, at the following rates: 

Multiple Boxes: 

  • Extra Large and Small  =$35
  • Extra Large and Medium = $40
  • Extra Large and Large = $45

After that, we cap our shipping at $50. So feel free to order as many plants as you like and know that most you’ll pay is $50!

As all of our plants come in varying sizes, we have to make the best shipping decision for the health of the plant, so each order is a little different. It’s a bit of a tricky process. As a result our costs are sometimes fractionally extra than you might see on the Aus Post website, but that’s because we include the cost of the packaging materials and the time it takes to carefully pack your new plant. 

We hope this clears up any mystery about how we price our shipping for our online nursery. We will always do our best to both package your plants safely and with maximum affordability. Please do contact us if you have any further questions!